My mission is to help small businesses achieve their growth potential and transform the owners into leaders

I was a serial entrepreneur and was even fired for wanting to own a business. Eventually, I was able to fill a business need in the mortgage industry, became a millionaire, was placed on the Inc500 list four years  in a row.

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While I loved running a business, the quest for more money was boring. What do you do with that much money? Eventually, the only interesting challenge left was to show others what they could achieve.​ I was invited to Harvard's Small Business Training and it opened my eyes to how important good teaching is. I retired at 45 and discovered my love for teaching and inspiring.

Between teaching at four universities (University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Utah, Utah Valley University, and Ensign College), consulting, and coaching, ​I have taught over 2,000 students, mentored hundreds of startups and coached hundreds of business owners​. Using the teaching strategies I learned at Harvard, and my business knowledge, I was able to help them start and grow their businesses.

My goal is to share that eye opening experience and insight that helps others achieve and exceed their goals.

I’m passionate about you achieving more growth than you've ever imagined.

As I built my business, I did things a little differently. I went with what seemed right, and not with the conventional wisdom. I didn't go into debt. I worked to avoid risk. I treated my employees well. I was able to join the 15% of successful businesses. By the time I was 35, I was a millionaire. My business was listed on the INC. 500 four years in a row. Harvard invited me to attend their small business training program. By age 45, I was able to sell my business and retire.

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