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You deserve the clarity and confidence that comes from seeing your business through the eyes of an Inc. 500 winner.

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Tomorrow's economy is being reshuffled today. Can you afford to leave your growth to chance? You deserve to have a customized plan and a mentor who can keep you accountable.

Ralph Little

"I second everything Ralph said here. I own a small restaurant and have benefited from his advice increasing my profit 20%. But you have to listen to him and apply what he tells you."

- Wali Arshad, Owner Afghan Kitchen

“Hiring Ralph to teach [his small business] course, was a game changer for the Chamber of Commerce. This course has propelled our Chamber from a single city chamber to a regional chamber serving multiple cities, with greater membership and influence.”

- Greg Summerhays

CEO South Valley Chamber

"[Ralph] Little inspired me to fulfill a life-long dream. At that time I was trying to juggle too many opportunities. Since he is very in-tuned with his students he knew what I really needed to hear. He did not sugar coat his words, but he was very caring. Since taking his class I have been fully confident of my decision to follow the field of entrepreneurship. I enjoyed every day of his teaching."

- Steven Elliott

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